Who we are

We act as Your Sourcing Department in Portugal. What has Portugal got to offer? Product Categories? Manufacturers? Trends? Samples? Negotiations? Production accompaniment? Quality control? Shipment liaison? Documentation? We keep you informed of everything you need to know in order to be able to profitably take advantage of the wonderful products Portugal has to offer.

What products

What products are made in Portugal? Google “home textiles Portugal” and you will get over three million results. Add Beauty Products, Candles, Ceramics, Clothing, Cookware, Cork, Cutlery, Food, Furniture, Glass, kitchen Knives, Metals, Plastics, Porcelain, Shoes, Soap, Textiles, and Wood and imagine how many websites you would have to sort through to try to get to a realistic list of interesting products. With over 40 years of experience of helping clients buy “Made in Portugal”, we can help you save time and money, and source the best products, only Portugal has to offer.


It’s easy to get a list of Portuguese manufacturers, but which are right for you? What are their Capabilities and Limitations? Which have special or even, unique, Production Methods, Decorating techniques? Which can help you be truly different? The wrong choice can be Extremely Costly to your business.

Buying Trips

You can book you hotels, rent a car and GPS and find your way on your own. But how much do you value your time? We provide you with a Tailored Itinerary, Special Hotel Rates at the most convenient and comfortable hotels; Drive You to the Right Manufacturers for you, Facilitate the meetings, make sure nothing is “lost in translation”; provide Comprehensive Meeting Notes; and Follow Up those meetings, taking care of, Product Development, Sample requests, etc. No wasted time.

Product Development

Have an Idea for a product? Be it a vague idea based on an existing item, a Photograph, Sketch or Detailed Artwork, we will work with the manufacturers’ product development departments to turn it into Your Exclusive Product.


Even the best product in the world needs to fit in with your business needs. A Competitive Price, workable Minimum Order Quantities and Lead Times are all issues that need to be negotiated. With Junaman, you have your negotiating team, meeting with the manufacturer whenever needed, at No Extra Cost.


Sew in Labels, Backstamps, Barcode Labels, Hang Tags, Gift Packaging, Protective Packaging, Performance and Safety Testing, etc. These are all details that make the difference between success and a disaster. Do you have the time, budget and staff to control all of these at a distance? Are you sure they have been taken care of correctly Before the order arrives at your distribution center? Your Junaman office and QA teams will accompany all necessary details, so that any problems are caught and rectified Before the shipment from Portugal and not when it is too late to avoid the very costly effects of getting it wrong.

backstamp packaging inspection barcode

Right product, right place, right time

Can anybody truthfully promise you 100% on-time shipments, 100% of the time? We can’t! But we can promise you a team that will Accompany the production of your orders, carrying out In-line and Final Inspections, catching problems whilst they can still be rectified without causing delays to the shipment of the order, and doing our utmost to make sure that everything that can be done is done with the aim of your receiving the Right Product at the Right Place at the Right Time.

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